Singapore Paintball Series 2012

Aug 6, 2004
Just sharing an event this Sat/Sun at Farrer Park. 8am-7pm
There will be 4 participating categories: Open Division, Division 3, Division 4 and Corporate Division. About 25 teams.
Btw, I'm not the official organizer, just another photographer sharing and used to be a player.

This is competitive Speedball, unlike the casual paintball game many may have played before.
Players will be diving, crawling, sliding, lots of shouting ingame, very dynamic and fast..

I doubt you can go inside to take pictures(well, you can ask nicely but a hit on front element will/may/likely crack it),
So shoot through the net and 'melt' it away.

Below is some more info.
You can always google for 'Speedball'. Like many other sports, there are Pro teams overseas.
This is one of my fav vids on youtube which should give an idea of the sport.
Year's Mix (Special) - YouTube

Search 'nppl 2012' also for more recent overseas matches.

Singapore Paintball Series - A new beginning

Field Location

Well, should be a good and new experience for many, worth taking a look..:)


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May 5, 2005
Tks for sharing! Too bad I only knew of it now.. have made prior plans.. Next time! :)

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