Singapore International Photography Festival (SIPF): Emerging Artists Series!!!

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Aug 31, 2004

Are YOU a budding photographer seeking for your big break as a professional??
Have YOU thought of upgrading yourself to the next level, but not sure how???
Do YOU dream of meeting international BIG NAME PHOTOGRAPHERS, such as…

* Alain Jullien (France)
Co-founder, Artistic director, and curator of the Guangzhou Photo Biennial, Guangdong Museum of Art in China; as well as Curator and Vice director of the Lianzhou International Photo Festival in China.

* Fred Baldwin (USA)
Awarding-winner photographer and professor, co-founder and Chairman of FotoFest®, an international non-profit photographic arts and education organization based in Houston, Texas.

* Kimmo Lehtonen (Finland)
Founding member of The Centre for Creative Photography, curatorial team of the international photo-based trienniale LUMO.

* Pablo Bartholomew (India)
Multiple award-winning photographer, including World Press Picture of the Year.

* Wendy Watriss (USA)
Co-founder and artistic director of FotoFest®. Also the editor/producer of the award-winning book IMAGE AND MEMORY, Photography from Latin America 1866 -1994.

... And many more.

And here comes YOUR chance of a lifetime to MEET THE BIG SHOTS in person!!! :gbounce:

SIPF is proud to bring YOU programmes that are designed to educate and nurture the photographers with lectures, hands-on session, and topical discussion with established photographers and curators for the month of October 2008.


9–10 Oct 2008 (Thu–Fri), 10am–5pm
@ 2902 Gallery, Old School
$100 per person
Limited to 40 participants ONLY

SIPF Portfolio Review is the much coveted springboard event for photographers to rub shoulders with internationally established gallery owners, curators, festival directors, and renowned professionals. For many, Portfolio Review is a rare and critical opportunity to present works to be reviewed by key figures, decision makers and established peers.

Please download the application form and email to for registration.
(NB: incompleted application forms will not be considered)

Deadline for application: Oct 7th (Tue), 12am midnight


13–15 Oct 2008 (Mon – Wed), 10am–5pm
@ Old School, National Museum of Singapore
$100 per person.
Limited to 40 participants ONLY

SIPF Southeast Asian Workshop is specially designed to help emerging photographers in this region grow professionally with respects to building a body of work, and developing careers as artists. This is specifically for artists with existing technical knowledge who need focused guidance and practical advice from professionals and peers in the industry. During this 3-day workshop, contributors will discuss prevalent industry issues and their personal experience in the morning before breaking into smaller groups to provide first hand experiences and advice to help broaden understanding and foster new networks in this event.

DAY 1 (Mon, 13 Oct) @ Old School, The Art Studio
~> "Developing Your Own Personal Vision"

* What is important to me as a photographer and as a person?
* What are my creative impulses? What are my strength and weaknesses?
The crucial issues of creating a personal vision and keeping to that vision will be tackled in this discussion.

DAY 2 (Tue, 14th Oct) @ National Museum of Singapore
~> "The Process of Creating A Body of Work"

* What constitute a body of work?
* How to start and complete a personal body of work?
* What challenges should I anticipate and how do I overcome them?
* Where do I go from here?
A panel will share their knowledge on the creative journey.

DAY 3 (Wed, 15th Oct) @ National Museum of Singapore
~> "Professional Development On Being A Photographer"

* What are the challenges?
* How to continue being creative?
* How do I maintain the momentum for my passion?
* Curiosity and creativity - is there a connection?

Please download the application form and email to for registration.
(NB: incompleted application forms will not be considered)

Deadline for application: Oct 11th (Sat), 12am midnight

For more details of programmes and application of "Emerging Artist Series", please refer to:

Hurry! Grab this rare opportunity before it slips away like a missed shot!!! :cheergal:

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