Singapore En Bloc & Demolishing of the Merlion Documentary


Sep 29, 2013
Choa Chu Kang

The objective of this student made documentary film aims to set a collective voice of the
awareness of the disappearing all the fond building that was part of Singapore
heritage. Ultimately, the decision of the "EnBloc" redevelopment plan will still
go on as scheduled but at the same time our intended message allows outsiders
to understand what is Singapore is actually facing through this crisis of change
and to wonder if the government is actually doing the right thing. More recently
in Late September 2019, the Sentosa Merlion was announced to be torn
down a mere month later, to make way for a 90 million dollar Sensory cape walkway, part of a
masterplan to transform Sentosa and Pulau Brani into a top tourist destination.

Shot & Flown with DJI Phantom 4, Canon 60D.