sim4nee photography indoor bikini/lingerie photoshoot 27/28th April


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Dec 15, 2007
Zion Road
Dear friends, due to unforeseen circumstances Diana was replaced at last week workshop so this week she is back again but with something extra, we will shoot her in bikini/lingerie, well with something lesser to be exact! Just kidding.

Newbie or any photographer who would like to see how to create mood with studio lighting or how to interact with model to bring out the best possible angle, this is for you. As usual I will set up the lights step by step and explain at the same time, what kind of modifier to be use to create certain effect will be explained, and then you will take turn to shoot.

Details as follow:

Due to the higher model rate for bikini/lingerie the fee is $180 this time, and more session will be added if there are enough request, but at this moment only 3 - 530pm for Saturday and Sunday, 27/28th April.

Shooting location will be announced to participant once it's confirm.

Thank you.

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