Silverfast software... HELP!!!

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Feb 4, 2003
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Hope people with knowledge or other Silverfast software users can help me. Thank you!!

I wish to buy the Silverfast software package on-line. (I have a Nikon LS-40 film scanner but was told the provided Nikon software isn't good for making image adjustments.) I went to their website but I'm confused at the range of different products they have!

Basically I just wish to have a software both for my film scanner as well as for my digital camera when I plug it in. Which one should I buy? Does one exist or do I have to get 2 separately? I'm talking in particular about the Silverfast Ai, HDR and DC. What's the difference in the 3? Silverfast DC looks to me like a mini Photoshop software. Is that it? Confusing man! :dunno: :dunno:

How does Silverfast compare with say Vuescan?

Appreciate any info! Thanks again.

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