Shutter Speed? Aperture setting?

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Hi all,

I'm a beginner in photography. There are so much sayings about shutter speed and aperture settings. May i know when should the shutter speed and aperture be set to what level? What is the common speed and aperture? How do i focus a object and blur the background ? By adjusting the aperture and shutter speed too?



usually good sunlight, usually used can be considered f8, 1/125s.
but that's not always the case.

to blur background use bigger aperture meaning smaller number like f4, f2.8 and let the camera decide the shutter speed (in aperture priority) and the shutter speed will increase to faster (if on a f8, 1/125 setting previously).

For a all sharp, use smaller aperture, bigger number F11,or f16 and so the shutter speed will adjust accordingly to allow more light in so slower shutter speed.

Hope it helps. There are some other threads explaining this in more details U can try a search. Good luck.

U can try taking a simple experiment.. No change in your position or focal length (the amount u zoom in), same background but do have a subject in the foreground (nearer you) and change the aperture setting, Note how the shutter speed changes with the aperture and see the outcome as u change from f4 to f8 to f16.

Good luck :)

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