Shutter button stuck when winding on OM-10


Feb 19, 2014
Hello all,

I recently acquired a relatively good condition OM-10 film camera overseas. Everything seem to be working fine on inspection, shutter was opening, dials were smooth, lens and viewfinder were clear. It felt like a good bargain for such a great quality film camera.

However,the om-10's shutter button suddenly jammed during a shoot. Couldn't wind as well (still had 5+ shots)...

Suspected the film got jammed, fumbled and accidentally exposed the film in the process of removal. The mechanism worked fine afterwards..

I was wondering if this camera is faulty in any way or just a matter of "bad luck"?? Hope some film experts would provide some advise as I am still able to find the seller while I am overseas.

Thank you!

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Sep 27, 2004
Punggol, Singapore
first thing, check is the film you shot is in the correct length, means if it 36 exposures, make sure it is about 5.5 feet.
second thing, when you load the film, do you feed the leader into the take up spool too long before you close the back?

once you eliminate it is not the film issue or human error, than you can look into the camera to see anything went wrong.