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Hi everyone!

In the midst of trying to sort out my camera gear for the holiday, I've neglected to some degree with my site! So I thought I'd invite/solicit you to visit to see whether you'd be interested in 'show and tell'.

Briefly, my site is called "A Picture's Worth" at It's a non-commercial, personal site which invites visitors to send in a special photograph, with an accompanying story to explain the photograph's significance. I show a new submission every day (well, in the past week or so, one in every two days!)

I understand that many serious photographers here say that the photograph should do all the talking. That's fine. My site's a little different in that regard. Many serious photographers would describe many photos on my site as quite boring - but I tend to read the stories and realise why a particular photograph is the most special in the world according to the author.

Anyway, I hope you like it for those of you who are interested. I'd be glad for you to spread the word but I'd be quite content if you were to spend a few minutes wandering around



Jan 26, 2004
Haven't I seen you on Overclockers Australia? ;)

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