Should I plunge to D10

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Jun 3, 2003
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I have a question, several questions in fact

I have a digicam (Canon G2) as well as a beginner's SLR kit (EOS500N with 28-80mm, 70-300mm). I wanted to plunge to DSLR for a long time.

However, there are mixed reviews on D10.... As I'm a newbie on DSLR, would like if any D10 owners can share their experience. I'm also not sure my elcheapo lenses can work well with D10..... What lens works well with D10?

How much do you think I can sell my existing gear for?

1) Canon G2
2) EOS 500N kit

Really appreciate any comments and help.


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Oct 9, 2002
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all canon EF lenses from cheapo to high end will fully function on the EOS 10D (not D10).

G2 maybe for a few hundred bucks
EOS 500...use as paperweight :cool:

read up a bit more to finalise ur mind or go to the next seed and ask to try handle 10D for those who r oredi using it..feel it 4 urself.

yes, admittedly ur lenses r cheapo. but its still a good start. eventually u wil move on to primes n/or f28 zooms. have fun!

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