Shopper/Hero by Post-Museum

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Jun 15, 2008
Post-Museum is having an exhibition "Shopper/Hero"
this is where you can shop and save the world!!!

28 November to 21 December 2008
Show Room, Post-Museum
107+109 Rowell Rd (nearest MRT station is Farrer Park)

Shopper/Hero is a new project of Post-Museum which is envisaged to be a groundbreaking addition to the world of shopping in Singapore and the region.

The mission of Shopper/Hero is to promote consumption of products which benefits society. The objective of Shopper/Hero is to provide an educational platform regarding the work of NGOs and other cause-related organisations in Singapore and the region while offering consumers a convenient and easy way to purchase products which satisfy their needs and wants while contributing to the various causes.

Christmas has 2 very different meanings: It is an occasion to commemorate the birth of Christ who came to save the world; and it is a time for excessive shopping and consumption.

This exhibition proposes that these 2 seemingly disparate activities are not irreconcilable. By highlighting products and organisations which contribute to various causes, we promote the idea that the consumption of the ‘right’ products does help to save the world. Accordingly, via the act of shopping, the consumer can become a hero of sorts: a Shopper/Hero.

The products on display are on sale and all or a percentage of their proceeds will go to the respective organisations featured.

List of Organisations/Companies

1. Cafédirect
2. Envizyme
3. Heart to Heart Services
4. Isan Gallery
5. Riverkids Project
6. Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (Singapore)
7. Transient Workers Count Too (TWC2)
8. Vision Network Singapore

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