Shooting Jewellery


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May 11, 2004
To those who had tried shooting jewellery before,

out of hving fun, my fnd approached me to shoot her diamond rings for her personal collection.

i managed to borrow a home studio kit, consisting of a tent and lights

my questions are,

1. I'm contemplating using either 200mm manual Macro lens or using raynox 250 with ring light on a 50mm (or can i try on my 85; something that i never tried before). Those of you who had tried the combination or similar setup, can you share your experience?

2. Did you use a flashgun on top of the lights illuminating from the sides?

3. What settings have you tried for best results? I'm thinking of starting off with F8 wif shutter speed of 125 and adjust from there. (trial and error is gonna take a long day!!! wahahaha)

4. Do you connect ur camera to the laptop for them to view the shots immediately after each shot?

As i'm shooting this for the first time plus using the mini studio tent n lights, any guidance or suggestions from experienced shooters are highly appreciated. Thanks.


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Jan 28, 2008
instead of plan matt white flooring,
you might wanna consider getting some acrylic.
black and white for some added drama.
the cost like 3~5$ each for an A3 size at artfriend.


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Mar 5, 2005
why dont you just go and shoot instead of "i am contemplating" or "i am thinking"...

after you shoot, then that's where the learning process starts...

you also should know what end result you want to around with the set up until you get it!

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