Shooting In and Around Melbourne

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Hi Everyone,

Saw Jermsdayout's shots of the pigeons in Melbourne and was wondering if you all have anywhere to reccomend that MUST shoot?

Some places that Jerm suggested were as follows:

Queen Victoria Market
The Trams
Federation Square
The St. Kilda's Bath Houses at St. Kilda's Beach.
Great Ocean Road
Philip Island
Bacchus Marsh

Also, He suggested that for film, I shoot B&W, anyone care to recommend a nice easy B&W film for a B&W virgin?




Aug 19, 2003
hey... come to think of it... you don't happen to be going with Donald or Si Whee are you?

Anyway, i only preferred B&W in the city area. That's just my preference. If you want, then you can take in colour also. I used Kodak Tmax 400 for my B&W. You can try 3200 or 1600 on portriat shots... I think it should be nice :)

The rest of the places, i shot in colour film. For B&W, take note of shadows though... it is quite an important factor to make a good B&W shot... takes some practice though... and I'm still practicing hehhehheh ;)

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