Shooting ethique?

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Oct 26, 2006
Yesterday I was shooting an event for my boss. The person was a big shot who is a director of some gov agencies. Just wondering is it rude to keep using flash to shoot the person? So do I introduce myself when I meet him as I just another lowly employee? And is it ok to shoot and shoot maybe 200 photos of him in 2hr?


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Jul 9, 2009
Seletar Estate, Singapore
I do not know what is expected in the photography circle but if I put myself in the shoe of the VIP, I would appreciate it if the photographer comes forward, introduce himself, tell me what is going to happen and ask for my permission. As shooting hundred of shots with flash may make me feel uncomfortable and when I start to feel uneasy I know I can signal him to stop.

You will be surprised that most people holding high position are approachable. It is up to you to conduct yourself in a manner which earn his respect. Your low employee position is not an issue. Believe me. :)

I shot some events... usually I just introduce myself as the photographer, and secondly, use a longer lens when possible... Flashes from a distance is not as disturbing as flashes in front of his nose.


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Nov 3, 2004
I shoot events (>50+ todate). Just share some thoughts which I hope will he helpful.

1) When you are asked to be the photographer for the event, do you know what is your 'brief'? i.e. are you required just to take a few shots of your boss delivering a speech so it can be featured in the company newsletters, or are you trying to cover the entire event and provide some kind of a 'record or story' of the entire event. If just for a shot for the newsletter, I can't imagine you having to shoot hundreds of flash shots just to get a couple of pictures. So know what your brief is.

2) Yes, it can be quite irritating for the VIP is flashes are fired indiscrimately and at too close intervals. It may even distract him. So shoot discreetly if possible. Longer lenses are better. Wait for the 'right' moments, gestures, smiles, or when he is emphasising a point or something - capture that moment instead of shooting like a machine gun.

3) Regarding employee or boss, etc. when you take on the job as the photographer, think of yourself as a PRO on assignment. No need to be apologetic. Your job is to capture the moments and deliver the shots that you have been tasked to do. Of course, no harm saying 'hello' and introducing yourself at the appropriate opportunity.

Hope this helps.


Oct 10, 2006
Why do you need to shoot 200 photos of him in a single event?
Unless it is a 2-3 days event?

I assume the VIP will give a speech and probably just walk around your office?
You certainly need not shoot 50 shots of him talking right?

Depends on the distance between you and the VIP really.
If you are constantly shooting with flash directly at him from 3-5 metres away, I think it is annoying for 200 shots!!

Do consider bouncing the lights on the ceiling, if the conditions permit...rather than directly at the VIP.

Dec 10, 2008
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VIP isn't the only thing to shoot in an event. Even 50 submitted is quite overkill if they're all rather similar in nature/purpose.


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Oct 24, 2002
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u an admirer of his or a stalker? I have a 1shot 1 kill principal. Unless he specifically hire you to shoot his every move, just try to be polite, get a few snaps should be enough.

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