Shootfest 001: The Wedding @ KL, Malaysia

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Dec 23, 2007

Maybe some of you CSers might be interested in this upcoming unconference event in Malaysia.

Date: 6th & 7th June 2009 (Saturday & Sunday). We start at 10am. Register at 9am on Saturday.
Venue: Integricity office, Centrepoint Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
Fees: RM50. And you’ll get a limited edition, never-printed-before T-shirt!

For more information, visit Registration is now open.

What on earth is an unconference? And what’s this ShootFest about?

These are most likely the first 2 questions on your mind. An unconference is an informal gathering of likeminded people with a common interest. It’s a participant-driven conference, meaning everyone must participate in some way or another. We encourage everyone to present a topic or engage in a discussion during the 2-day sessions.

Each ShootFest is a media unconference primarily for photographers and videographers. This first one that is organised is themed The Wedding and is meant for professionals, freelancers and anyone interested in wedding photography and videography.

The benefits of ShootFests are knowledge-sharing, networking and raising the bar for the industry. If you feel you don’t want to share any of your kung-fu, then the unconference is probably not for you. We want to breed improvement for everyone, and need you to share your thoughts too.

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