LR Tips Sharpen Color Awareness with Fun Vision Test


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Sep 27, 2006
I don’t know anyone who actually enjoys taking tests. Heck, even the eye doctor’s exam gives me sweaty palms. I recently stumbled upon a little color vision test that adds a little gaming excitement while testing your ocular acuity—and you won’t end up being told you need bifocals. It’s dubbed simply “Vision Test,” from a site called iGame. To start, you’re presented with four large squares—one of them a slightly different shade than the others—and a timer with 15 seconds on it. Your goal is to click on the square with the distinct shading. It seems easy at first, but the next sets employ a 3 x 3 grid, followed by a grid of 16 squares. As more squares are added, the odd-man-out square becomes less and less obvious than before. If you choose a wrong square, the game knocks three seconds off the timer. After you’ve exhausted the clock, your vision is compared to an animal of similar visual ability, from a bat (which is not too accurate, but I’ll leave that argument for my article on why bats are my favorite animal) to a hawk. My first go, I earned Tiger status, and worked my way up to [...]


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