Sharing on taking the first step

May 6, 2008
Hi ;

I am Wally from .

Having been "online" for the past 3 years now , there have been ups and downs and some "stab in the dark" moments (expensive errors included ) on how I started my photography business .

I would like to share with people who are interested on how to

1) Create your website
2) Get a domain name
3) Get a email domain
4) Get a Facebook presence
5) Get your website out there
6) Networking

Understandably all these are "google-able" and that is how I more or less did it , however it is painful and troublesome to sieve through all the data and how-to on the web.

What I hope to achieve with my sharing is to accelerate the process for you .

After that it is up to your talent, luck , marketing skills , talking ability to clinch the deal

If you would like to some advise on how to take the first step , drop me an email and see how we can get you up to step over a cup of coffee

Best Regards
Wally Tai

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