Shaped Bokeh


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Oct 1, 2012
yoz everyone.

i know DIY creatively-shaped bokeh has been arnd for ages and there are lenses for it as well.

here's the link to see what i mean:

but they are sometimes quite difficult because you need to make 1 cover per shape like this:

so i took

1) Step-up ring
2) black cardboard and black felt glued together (and cut into the shape of circle and pasted to the step-up ring)
3) super glue & duct tape (if use superglue must make sure don't drop on lens)
4) Shaped hole punchers from Daiso..

And basically i just cut out large circles/coin from black card paper to punch the holes thru. make sure hols are in the centre.

stick some "arms" onto the backing stuck to the step-up ring to hole the coin onto the ring.

here is it with what you can get:

so now it is easier to change the shape without so many pieces of card board tubes..

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