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SGTrekker 11D Western Mongolia Altay Photo Trek (1-11 July 2016)


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Oct 15, 2009
11D10N Western Mongolia Altay Photo Trek
Date: 1-11 July 2016
Status: Open for registration, Limited slots available

Tour Highlights
- Interact & photograph Kazakh & Uuld Nomadic families in their traditional gers
- Spectacular mountain scenery including the snow capped Altai mountains
- Kazakh eagle hunting with golden eagles
- Pristine Tolbo Lake
- Impressive architecture including the Zaisan Memorial & Genghis Khan Statue
& more...

For full tour details, please refer here: http://www.sgtrekker.com/tourdetail.php?id=54

OPTIONAL Extension (11-14 July) to photograph the Nadaam Festival activities including Mongolian wrestling, horseback archery, colourful costumes and rituals as well as a visit to the Gobi Dessert for landscapes

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