SG50 Wonders Photo Competition 2015


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Jul 31, 2015
This year to celebrate Singapore’s 50 years of nation building, SG50 wonders is organising a photo contest for everyone to participate in! The theme for the contest is SG50 Wonders. You just need to submit the photo with a short description of the photo through our Facebook page. The top 50 will get an opportunity to exhibit your photo at our exclusive invite-only exhibition. Your photos will also get to be printed out in high definition (A1 size) for you! The grand winner of the contest will walk away with an Apple Watch! So what are you waiting for? Join our contest now!!!!

How to participate?
1. Take a photo of a place (or people) in Singapore and describe how this photo relates to the theme “SG50 Wonders. (min 100 words)
2. Like our Facebook Page and click on the Photo Contest tab and follow the instructions according. You can find us on Facebook by searching for SG50 Wonders.

Things to note:
1. By entering the contest you subject yourself to both the Contest Rules and Legal Terms and Conditions. By submitting images to the Contest, you are deemed to have reviewed, read and accepted both.
2. Photograph entries for the Contest should be of a minimum width of 960 pixels and height of 800 pixels, and be submitted in a valid picture format (.jpg, .jpeg, .png). The maximum photo upload size is 5MB. (You are to keep the original high definition copy for printing purposes if you are selected)
3. Outstanding photographs will be utilised for exhibition purpose after the Contest Deadline
4. Maximum of 5 entries allowed per person.
5. Judging Criteria:
- 35% Votes
- 30% Relevance to the theme
- 35% Judge

More information about the rules and regulations can be found at on our Facebook page.

We look forward to receiving your photo entries!


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Apr 26, 2008

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