SEPT [ KNOWLEDGE BOWL ] - Basic Photography (DSLR/Mirrorless) - WEEKDAY, 25th Sept

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KNOWLEDGE BOWL School of Photography
BASIC PHOTOGRAPHY COURSE (for DSLR and Mirrorless system)
(WEEKDAY Batch for SEPT 2012)​

Moving away from AUTO Mode, Photography has never been this fun before​

EUREKA!!!, let's celebrate a discovery, finding a new hobby and skill in photography, meaning "I have found it!". Let your learning sessions in our Basic Photography Course be an enriching discovery experience of your lifetime, with skills that allows you to capture captivating images with confidence wherever you go.

We believe in delivering our best in providing the participants with good training programs in condusive environment. Fundamentals must be taught, no short cut about it, coupled with hands-on and practical outdoor photo outings, all conducted in light hearted and fun way, we are confident to make Photography a Hobby for Life for you.

We make the photography jargons simplifed, the photography process and techniques easy to execute. Photography has never been so fun and painless.

Within 3 hours per session for 6 sessions (total 18 hours), we make photography jargons simple for you to understand, how to apply them and having fun out from the process of learning. We have lots of hands on session with the camera both in the class as well as our outdoor practical sessions. We make sure you know the fundamentals and how to set the camera settings before you embark on the outings.

You will also learn things like Design Elements, composition and what makes a good photograph. Our classes are modular which means if you miss any EUREKA session, you can make up for the missed session in another batch. The content in every session is independent of one another and will not affect your flow in learning should you go for session 4 before session 3.

Our group size allows you to form smaller groups for discussion in class and in outings. Come and discover the world of photography, take up a hobby for life and have fun in photography.

Join us now in our Basic Photography Course (for DSLR and Mirrorless system) and embark in an exciting journey in photography.

Our Proven Workflow & Track Record (more than 5700 students since 2007 cannot be wrong)

WEEKDAY Lessons (S$280, 6 lessons, once a week, 3 hours per lesson, total 18 hours)

  • Suitable for DSLR and Mirrorless system users of any brand
  • Hands-on session with the camera both in the classes as well as outdoor outings.
  • The classes are modular. In the event if you cannot make it for any of the class due to business or family trips, we can arrange for a make up class in another batch.


Weekday Lesson (September Intake)

Commencement Date: 25th September 2012, Tuesday, 7.00pm to 10.00pm

Lesson 1: 25th September 2012, Tuesday, 7.00pm to 10.00pm
Lesson 2 : 2nd October 2012, Tuesday, 7.00pm to 10.00pm(Bring camera)
Lesson 3: 9th October r2012, Tuesday 7.00pm to 10.00pm (Bring laptop)
Lesson 4 : 14th October 2012, Sunday, Meet 9.00am for morning outing (Bring camera & Tripod)
Lesson 5 : 16th October 2012, Tuesday, Meet 6.00pm for night outing (Bring camera & Tripod)
Lesson 6: 23rd October 2012, Tuesday, 7.00pm to 10.00pm (Bring camera)
Dates are subjected to changes

Instructors: Edward Cheong, Kheng How and Steven Yee

Course Outline:

EUREKA!!! # 1
  • Introduction to digital photography.
  • Type of cameras and equipment.
  • Jargons made simple: Camera, Aperture, ISO, Shutter Speed, White Balance.
  • Basic Fundamentals (Depth of Field, Composition rules, accessories)

EUREKA!!! # 2 (Camera needed)
  • Composition Rule of Thirds.
  • Application of the Exposure modes.
  • Hands-on on camera settings.
  • Have fun experimenting with the 4 Exposure modes.

EUREKA!!! # 3 (Camera and Laptop needed)
  • Intro to Adobe Lightroom and Hands-on.
  • Insight to how the software manages your photo.
  • Be amazed at image enhancement.

EUREKA!!! # 4 (Camera and tripod needed)
  • Practical Session: Outdoor Day Outing
  • Applying the 4 exposure modes.
  • Experience Exposure in the outdoor environment.
  • Applying Depth of field for bokeh effect.
  • Discover effect of faster & slower shutter speed.
  • Appreciate landscape and waterfall scenes.

EUREKA!!! # 5 (Camera and tripod needed)
  • Practical Session: Night shoot Outing
  • Gain confidence in low light photography.
  • Exposure in night photography.
  • Case studies in night photography.
  • Experiencing long exposure.

EUREKA!!! # 6 (Camera needed)
  • Flash Photography and its application.
  • Different Flash Modes.
  • Effective application of flash in different cases.
  • Design Elements which makes a picture WOW!
  • Application of design elements.
  • Critique of sample images with problems.

The basic level teaches you the fundamentals of basic photography such as aperture, shutter speed, ISO, exposure, when to use certain exposure settings, introduction to the techniques as well as basic image editing with the software. There will be practical session to enable the participants to practice what they have learnt.

This course is suitable for first time DSLR and Mirrorless system users who wants to learn to take better pictures with their cameras as well as current users who would like to have a refresher course. Many people have found the workflow created by the instructor interesting.

You can make payment by cash, NETS or cheque (payable to Sandven Group) preferably one week prior to the course commencement date to facilitate our administration.

Sandven Group
190 Middle Road,
#04- 28 Fortune Centre,
Singapore 188979

Opening Hours:
Monday to Sunday 12pm to 9pm

Please feel free to email us for enquiries or call us at 63330348 (between 12pm to 9pm daily)

We look forward to your confirmation, support and participation

Photography, A Hobby for Life

Knowledge Bowl Training and Consultancy


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