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Sentosa Thread XXIX (29)- sykestang 28:1527 "...I'm the king, and he is not.."

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"If you don't have, just buy, if you have, buy extra. If you have extra, buy then sell to others to make money so you can buy buy buy " espn 1:2

From where we left off in the previous season..

Those who are interested, Asian Auto Salon 2005, Canon Photomarathon.

As usual, for those who got lotsa time(like GURUs), can refer back:
(Warning:Reading back logs of STG may cause lost sanity, lost of job, lost of $$$ due to BUY BUY BUY fever by espn!)

Season I (.....history liaos

For season 1 to 23, the links can be found HERE.

Season XXVII
Season XXVI
Season XXIV
Season XXV

Welcome one and all, young and old, gUrLs & bOis....


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Mar 10, 2005
scanner said:
Interesting, the STAR is uncle Tang...:bsmilie::bsmilie:
my post la.. i already had my BTC thread... haha... everyday now seeing smurfet... so happy...:bsmilie:

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