Sentosa Thread LVII (57) - nightwolf75 56:28 "we are getting a lot of weirdos in CS."

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Welcome to season 57 (LVII).

In the last season of STG..... right here..

Season I (.....history liaos )

For season 1 to 23, the links can be found HERE.

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Welcome one and all, young and old, gUrLs & bOis....not forgetting folks from NUF
(This thread is not for personal grievances so if you think if it involves ROIs, there are none here so please get a life and make your human purchases elsewhere and not here.)

I am here.

AB, Joan Arc on the way, test tonight.
What's that? :think:

I've got enough

from office, so don't make it any worse hor. Supposedly to be a harmless and fun thread which lasted for more than 50+ seasons.
Yup, my fault, since the saga I already promised myself never to bring anything into STG, I lost control just now. Sorry :D

Anyway... it's FUN TIME :D

You got $100 more GST offset then me and AB. So your treat. :bsmilie:
Hello... It's my sweat and blood ok, $100 more because I is active NSMen :bsmilie: :sticktong

Treat you 20pc Nuggets!

Me is in... late as usual.. haha
Better late than never, today I manage to clear the round I'm stuck at in RR2. Woooooooooo! Today is a good day! :D

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