Sending 16:9 for print help

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Jul 30, 2006

I need some help regarding printing my digital pics.

I have a LX1 and take mostly in 16:9
I usually use one of those kodak/fujifilm machines to print
However for 16:9, so far I have edited them in GIMP individually to fit the 4:3 (or whatever the normal size is)

Q1: If i print a 16:9 without editing will the machine shrink the picture and use borders or just cut off my photo?

Q2: Is there a way to allow me computer to convert all my 16:9 into 4:3 with borders without me having to sit and do it individually? I use GIMP and iphoto using a macbook

Q3: If not, is there a shop in singapore or melbourne that will do this for me?

Q4: what is the best dimensions for borders to convert a 16:9 into 4:3 with a border all around (ie top, bottom, right and left)?

Thanks!! :)


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Sep 4, 2006
1.) You have to tell the print operator before hand on your requirements. Both can be done.
2.) I am not sure on this. But maybe a photoshop script may help.
3.) Most shop should do it.
4.) Maybe u can specify the dimensions. i.e. 4" x 2.25" so they will use a 4" roll to print for you with length 2.25" . Remember, the papers come in roll, so one side dimension is fixed, the other is not

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