Selling Pentax lenses and accessories ?


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Apr 12, 2005
I have been a big fan of Pentax and still is. I recall the peak when Mods like Fengwei will organise monthly photographic events attended by many Pentaxians. However, after so many years, my priorities and interest has changed somewhat and have decided to let go some of the lenses that I have bought but used less than 3 times or not at all. Still intend to keep my camera itself and some of favorite lenses such as the 40mm Pancake which is used alot. However, I do note that there very few buyers in both CS and Carousell even though I priced my stuff cheaper than if bought from the US. Hence want to enquire if there is still a good place to sell k-mount lenses ? Do hope the lenses will go to someone who will use them rather than a reseller. Thanks in advance.


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Jun 27, 2005
West of Singapore
Many like yourself have gave up photography as a hobby or moved to mirrorless (Sony). There are still Pentax users but are not part of this forum. I feel Carousell is still the best platform to sell your lenses. Patience and equilibrium price are the keys to a successful sale.

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