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Selling of Adobe Adobe CS (education) versions or Creative Cloud licenses.

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Dec 18, 2003
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Please take note - due to the EULA of the Adobe CS (education) photoshop, you are not allowed to resell it. Hence, in Clubsnap, we will disallow all posts of selling education version of photoshop.

Of course, we will know people will just don't state it in your thread in order to circumvent this. Your risk.


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Aug 20, 2010
Hi everyone,

Just a friendly note of reminder that Adobe does not allow the reselling of Creative Cloud licenses. IF you see anyone selling them, it is likely the seller is illegally reselling his work place's group licence to you. The best way is to pony up for the monthly subscription model (yes, I hate that too but as consumers we have little choice over Adobe's practices) or get LR6 Standalone (note Adobe has said they will not update LR6 anymore)

We have received complaints where such licences also stopped working after 2-3 months or in some cases, a few weeks and the sellers are uncontactable. Hence pls do take note of this and the risk involved.

An example of such an ad selling dubious licences.

Screen Shot 2018-07-01 at 3.23.31 PM.png

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