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Apr 6, 2003
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Hi all

Just want to share an experience I had from a 'buyer' who saw my post in Clubsnap. The 'buyer' WhatsApp me on a foreign number his intention to buy and asked for the item to be sent to his brother in another country. He said he is Singaporean but based overseas!

He said he will pay including freight charges and requested for payment request via pay pal. After you have sent the pay pal payment request, he will wait for a day before telling you he has not received it and then said he found it in his SPAM folder. He then WhatsApp to say he will pay. This is follow by his email to state he has paid and requested you to send the item to an overseas address. He then WhatsApp me to send urgently. At the same time, I received several emails from '' to say that they have received the amount and is holding it until a receipt of shipment was 'emailed' back to them. The email claimed I will see the payment request pending but they actually have already received it and only waiting for the shipment receipt to be emailed back to them before they release the money.

I checked my pay p[al account and the payment request was pending. But I was curious. I called paypal and they told me they did not send any emails with that address ''. I tried to WhatsApp the 'buyer' to confirm payment but he did not reply. I informed him I will hold shipment until payment is confirmed!

So, I would like to warn all members to watch out for such requests when you are selling items. Pls confirm payment and via legitimate sources other those from the emails that they send. Paypal don't ask you to reply their mail. Everything is done through their website. Not sure, always call them.

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Jan 3, 2008
Pasir Ris
Thank you for sharing this. Indeed, email addresses cannot be simply trusted as there is no verification in the protocol (unless specific tools are used).
Any request to ship something overseas should always be taken with a bucket full of salt. Other tell-tale signs are the urge for fast transaction and offering more money than the item is actually worth. It all adds to the fishy smell of such deals.
Unless it is a collector's item, it simply des not make any economic sense to ship second hand consumer electronics around the globe.


Apr 6, 2003
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Telephone: +61 488 893 766

[09:55, 13/6/2019] +61 488 893 766: can you arrange shipping?
[09:55, 13/6/2019] +61 488 893 766: i'm willing to accept your price offer but i want it posted to my brother in the Philippines for his film project

[12:49, 14/6/2019] +61 488 893 766: i again, i have already completed the payment and i have emailed you with shipping address and instruction. please check and follow up immediately
[14:20, 14/6/2019] HY: Benny, I saw the email. Will do the shipping with fedex. Hope to pack and ready for it to be sent out earliest tmr.
[14:23, 14/6/2019] +61 488 893 766: Excuse me please
[14:23, 14/6/2019] +61 488 893 766: can you complete the shipping today?

First Email:
From: Tai Benny []
Sent: Friday, 14 June 2019 12:37 PM
Subject: Payment Completed

Hi again,

I have successfully completed the payment and i hope you would have gotten payment receipt confirmation from paypal if not, PLEASE kindly check your email inbox, JUNK/SPAM, kindly proceed to shipping immediately.

Declare the package to Courier as a "Gift Used Camera" & Value of the item at $100 or below without insurance so there wont be any custom tax charges upon it arrival in Philippines

Here is the full shipping details..
Name: Mark Hendrickson
Address: Blk 22 lot 17 Camargo St, Avida residence Ph3
City : Salawag Dasmarinas
State : Cavite
Zip code : 4114
Country: Philippines.
Phone: 09953005327

Keep me updated as soon as you have completed the shipping and forward me the receipt.


Second Email from PayPal (Fake):
From: []
Sent: Friday, 14 June 2019 12:23 PM
Subject: Instruction on how to Complete your Transaction ID: U-3650308C26649639

Information On How To Complete Your Recent Transaction


Reports from database records shows that you have received a payment of $2,750.00 SGD, Verification of shipment tracking number is required to complete the PENDING transaction.

Therefore, you are mandated to ship the package as soon as possible and supply the Shipment Reference (Tracking Number/Bar Code, as appears on the shipment receipt). Your account is being monitored and the funds will be accessible in your account when the reference(s) are received.

What you need to do:

· Go to the assigned Postal Office or Courier Service close to your home

· Fill the form with the shipment details provided by the buyer

· After the shipment is done, email to PayPal a scanned copy of the receipt by replying to this message and wait for the verification process according to PayPal security policy.

NOTE: Fund Would Not Be Cleared Until The Requested Info Is Provided.

Transaction Not Displayed?

You might not be able to view the current status of the transaction in your PayPal account recent activities or access the funds in your account until the transaction is complete. All you have to do is to send the shipment tracking number/copy of scan receipt, and get back to us with the details.

What if I have questions?

Kindly use your E-mail "Reply Button" to message our customer service care and we will attend to you.

Thank you for using PayPal, we welcome your feedback.

We hope you are highly satisfied with our service and that you recommend using PayPal to your friends and family.



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Mar 18, 2019
This guy messaged me too... agreed on a deal, but luckily i saw this


Oct 22, 2014
I nearly got scammed into this... Was about to send the items to this Benny Tai and decide to call PayPal to double check. Found out it's a scam! Even threatened me that he will take legal actions!

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Jul 9, 2019
Thanks for the heads up. Just got contacted by this person as well.


Dec 25, 2003
Same story as above. Same emails. Did not send anything.