Seeking help to find out about mid range cameras


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Dec 18, 2012
Hi i am a noob here. Hmmm i am being tasked to find out and google which mid range camera to use for videography with a budget of $2.5, which camera and which lens to use. And why these 2 items would be good

How can i start to research and google, i need help on this i am keen to find out more, so seeking help..

one eye jack

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Jun 11, 2011
Hi, Without knowing what is the intended use of the video whether it's for the ocasional home events or professional use that is you are making money from it I think no one will dare to answer your question as you can get a video creation system on any budget or price point.

For your budget of $2.5k you can get a decent camera which includes a lens or two but there are extras which you might need like video lights unless you intend to shoot in natural light. Good sound is a must for video to hold your audience (microphone or recorder ). Let's not forget you also need a video editing computer. That's why you need to figure out these things. At the very least to save you the trouble you can let the camera process the video and you do the minimum of editing or joining the video clips together and add your sound and titles.

The question of getting a midrange camera is not the right approach but getting a camera that can deliver the results and quality you want which can mean getting a camera that can do most things video wise which can mean an advanced camera that is at the pro level. You just need to know what you want in video terms to do the job. Heck even a smartphone can do within it's limitations which you already have.


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Feb 24, 2005
If you reside in SG, you can visit Cathay Photo, TK Foto, Alan Photo and SLR Revolution.
Maybe Harvey Norman, Best Denki and Courts. Ask the sales staff. Maybe you can learn something from them.
They will have commercial interest and opinions will be skewed in favour of some and against some.
Forgive them. This is their rice bowl.

On the Internet so-called "ambassadors" & "visionaries" are just as mercenary as the above mentioned shop sales staff.
"ambassadors" & "visionaries" also have commercial interests at heart and they sign a contract to promote a particular brand.


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Jan 3, 2008
Pasir Ris
Something to read about these term 'professional camera'. You can apply the same critical approach to 'midrange camera' or other categorizing terms.
For your topic, I would suggest you define your requirements, with a bit more details as only 'good video'', then head to the various review sites (e.g., and others) and to see what these guys wrote. Be careful with YT, many videos are geared towards attracting people (and clicks), not necessarily providing neutral assessments. Some links can be found if you check the above website / forum further.
Once you have shortlisted two, maybe three models, head over to some shops and check them out directly. Ergonomics does play a big part.
Last but not least: don't forget additional gear you will need, otherwise even your midrange camera will not deliver good results: tripod/monopod/video rig, external microphone, filters (here: ND filters, but also CPL), a decent computer for processing ... the list is long and expensive.


Nov 2, 2004
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firstly, you need to define your videography needs

then gather all the cameras that can do everything you need and that falls within your budget