Seeking help on buying digital viewcam

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Feb 6, 2004

I am new here, just gotten to know this site via my brother in law,
pretty impress by the activities in the forum and some of the photos
like the one - king fisher on the log -

Will post some of my photo here after I managed to scan them into my pc, sad to say most of the better one are taken many years back,

I am looking for some help on buying a digital viewcam,
have budget ard $1500,

Have check ard at Sim Lim and Alan Photo recommended Canon MV6i, so far pretty comfortable with it,

Would like to seek more opinion before I commit myself further,

anyone has use this model before? How u rate it??
any other model of similar price range u would recommend??
Prices and where to get??
What other stuffs/accessories i need to look out for??

Thanks and have a good day everyone :)


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May 20, 2003
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I have not use the Canon MV6i before so i'm not too sure of it quality, but i realised that Alan photo likes to 'promote' Canon products..

one model which u may wish to consider is the Sony PC105E. slightly more expensive than the MV6i, but it's a SONY.. and it's using Carl Zeiss lense
Panasonic is another company that u can consider..

Feb 6, 2004
Been searching quite a bit the past few days,
the experience so far,

Sim Lim:
one of the shop on ground floor (meycer i think)
Went in just wanna enquire abt some pdt ard my price range for comparison.
Saleman super enthutisatic.... start bring a couple of model out, make some comarison and start pushing one of the Samsung model.
Keep saying how good is it etc, and when i say i need to consider coz I am here to find more info first he starts offering additional 10% discount and starts throwing in freebies, but when i insist i need to consider, his faces turn very black and attitude change drastically.
I didn;t care a bit and walk out. Very bad sale ethic i feel, think its one of the old model he trying push or get rid off and throughout he focus on how cheap and worthwhile it is to get that piece now..... err will avoid that shop at all cost in future.....

Alan Photo:
Pretty good service, salesman willing to assist and explain pro and cons among diffierent models, price range etc,

MS Color:
Excellent service, they even allow me to surf their site to get more product info and had link to review site for me to do better comparison, no force selling which i like and allow me space to think and which I am more comfortable with.
hee hee still like them best and the fact that I gotten all my equipments since i start photography say quite a bit abt their service and price :)

Price wise both Alan Photo and MS Color are pretty much the same,

My search narrow me to Sony TRV 33E (as Chelsea said Carl Zeiss lens very appealing) and Canon MV6i so far,
asking ard for 1 more day before I made my decision tom.......

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