SEED on 11th FEB 03

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Jan 17, 2002
There lor~
Hi guys.... due to popular demands...... IT TIME FOR SEED AGAIN!!!! And from the poll on when you all want it, it was decided to be on the 11th of this month.

And yes... it a cut and paste job over here.... but what the hack.. dun think anyone bother reading it anyway....

It will occur from 5.30pm onwards. The meeting point will be again at the basement of Peninsular Plaza, the food court. Those who want to get anything from the many camera shops around that area, pleases do so and we will be there to wait up for you all at the Food Court. If you need assistance in buying stuffs, do let us know so that we can send some to aid you in person!

1. Buying of consumables
2. Purchase of equipments
3. Strongly encourage shoppers to hands-on their intended purchase, be it bags, cameras, lenses and such; hearing feedbacks, looking @ images on the net and reading reviews do not give you the whole 'picture'!
4. Those who are new to photography are also encouraged to come and bring your prints, slides, laptops...we'll be happy to give suggestions on how to make your next photoshoots a more fruitful one!
5. Even if you're not getting anything(like me) and happen to be there or just wanna hang out with somebody, come!
6. Last but not least, we will be having a real-time, face to face General Photography Chat or Banal Talk over dinner!

Don't worry! We're basically a friendly and fun-loving bunch! Whoever 'bullies' you, let us know...we'll 'flame' him or her on the spot for you! We always look forward in meeting new faces and we'll do our best to make you feel @ home!

Those who are keen to come, reply to this thread!

Come come, don't shy!

What are you waiting for? Make this thread banal! Create the excitement!


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Feb 1, 2002
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Originally posted by PentiumPC
What time is it???

It BCM time..
I ate the one at chinatown leh... not bad but a bit like mee rebus... LOL
the shop with the tianjin gyozas...

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