"Seasons in the Sea" by Ikuo Nakamura

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Capture the "Seasons in the Sea" with Leading Japanese Underwater Photographer, Ikuo Nakamura

The “Seasons in the Sea” exhibition will run from 2 April until 31 May 2004 at epSITE, EPSON Imaging Gallery located at Level Three, Wheelock Place. Open Monday – Sunday (11am – 9pm daily). Admission is free.

Two Half-Day Talk Shows

Leading Japanese photographer, Ikuo Nakamura, will be conducting two half-day talk shows to show what life under water is really like and to share his techniques in getting the perfect picture in this challenging environment. The sessions will include three slide shows entitled, “Sea Infinity”, “Goshikinuma” and “The Island of Galapagos” to highlight his experiences and skill.

If you are a keen amateur/professional photographer or even just interested in the subject then put the date in your diary to hear this once-only presentation by Ikuo Nakamura. Attendance will be on a first-come basis, so hurry and reserve your place today.

 Friday 2 April, 2.00pm – 4.30pm: Venue: Hilton Hotel, Ballroom 1a, Level 3. Please register your attendance by contacting Suwarti on telephone: (+65) 6336 8189 or via email at events@priorityconsultants.com (please write “Seasons in the Sea” in the subject box) and give us your name, company name, designation, a contact number and email address so that we can confirm your reservation.

 Saturday 3 April, 2.00pm – 4.30pm: Venue: Japanese Association, Auditorium. Please note that this talk show will be in Japanese and is open to Japanese Association members only. Please register your attendance at the Japanese Association on telephone: (+65) 6468 0066.

Through the “Seasons in the Sea” exhibition and talk shows, this will be your chance to experience the enchanting world of life in the ocean and be astounded by colourful scenes capturing the ocean’s beauty. Visitors to epSITE will be able to draw on the experiences behind Mr Nakamura’s artistic lens, from which he views the ocean in many locations across South East Asia.

epSITE will illustrate the synergy between technology and images, particularly of the underwater world, through its showcase of photographic works by Ikuo Nakamura. The exhibition aims to raise the awareness of digital photography as a form of art in visual communication and simultaneously as a contemporary art movement, whilst showcasing EPSON's premium quality photo output using its latest range of professional inkjet printers.

About Ikuo Nakamura
Born in Akita Prefecture in 1945 and at the age of 20, Mr Ikuo Nakamura started diving and taking photographs underwater. At first, he worked as a technical magazine cameraman of Suichu Zoukei Centre and then became an independent photographer. Now he is a representative of Squall, a photography production, which specialises in the ocean. He energetically visits oceans in Japan and abroad and has published a lot of topical works. He has been boldly tackling some social themes such as the Bay of Tokyo, which is his lifework, Minamata Bay, Shiraho in Ishigaki Island (world famous for the coral sea), the wrecked ship Nachodka, Okushiri island and Isahaya Bay. He is also known as a social news photographer. His work is valued for not only the area of still photos, but also television commercials, drama film and hi-vision film. He is continuing to convey the charm of the ocean through various media such as exhibitions, workshops and lectures.

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