Scripting sample: Adding Background and Title from Excel

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Jan 30, 2002
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Hi, a friend of mine was asking if its possible to do this automatically

1) Add a image layer to a background layer
2) Add a variable text title on the top of this document, the position of the text is not the same for all pictures, so the user should be able to define where the text goes.
3) Save the output automatically as a jpeg
4) Loop thru 1-3 for all the required text titles

So I searched thru some tutorials on the net last night and came up with this. Its my first PS script so quite basic. It,

1) Reads a csv file for the background image , Title , Title's X position, Title's Y position and name of image to be used as the main image.

2) Combines these to a jpg file.

Limitations :

1. The pics to be used and the excel file have to be in c:\test_pics
2. The pics to be used should already be resized.
3. The Pics to be used are named pic1.jpg, pic2.jpg etc..
4. Output file size is fixed at 840x630.

Run the script from Photoshop, File->Scripts->Browse. The completed pics are saved in c:\test_pics\done

Here's the file upload..

Many thanx to the script in this thread..which I copied alot from

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