[Screening]: Singapore Film Society Film Series - SAND & SORROW

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Dec 17, 2008

Singapore Film Society (SFS) & The Substation Presents:
2007, USA, 93min, Colour, PG
Directed by Paul Freedman, Narrated by George Clooney

21st May, Thursday, 7.30pm, The Substation Theatre

- Free entry for SFS members (membership sign-ups available at the door)
- Entry by donations minimum $2. Donation proceeds go to The Substation.

Offered exclusive and unparalleled access to the situation on the ground inside Darfur, Peabody award-winning filmmaker, Paul Freedman ("Rwanda - Do Scars Ever Fade?"), joins a contingent of African Union peacekeeping forces in Darfur while a tragic and disturbing chapter in human history unfolds. While the heroic men and women of this undermanned and under-funded mission brave harsh conditions and unfettered violence, as many as 2.5 million displaced persons have no choice but to settle inside squalid camps to wait and hope. (An estimated four-hundred thousand civilians have perished so far.)

While analyzing the historical events that have given rise to an Arab-dominated government's willingness to kill and displace its own indigenous African people, “Sand and Sorrow” also examines the international community's “legacy of failure” to respond to such profound crimes against humanity in the past. But while immersed in the despairing crisis of our time, Freedman manages to give voice to the ever-growing and inspiring movement of those who wish to make “Never Again” finally mean something.

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