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Feb 13, 2003
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Hi guys,

I am one of those dudes who used to think that MicroDrives were the memory card to use until today. The other day, I got myself a 6 in 1 card reader/writer. It has a USB 1.1 connection. I could read the card until I transferred the images onto my notebook.

The major problem that I am getting now is that when I use the card on my D60, I get an Error 2 message. I have tried to format the card both on the camera as well as through the PCMCIA reader. I have no luck in getting the card to read on both my notebook and DSLR.

I would appreciate if anyone out there could offer some assistance in regards to this. The last alternative is for me to invest in some heavy duty Compact Flash Type I cards as I would be going down to Funan Centre and Sim Lim Square tomorrow. If anyone could recommend a good shop to buy memory cards from would be most greatly appreciated.

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