Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk 2008

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On 23 August 2008, Scott Kelby is organising a Worldwide Photo Walk in conjunction with the launch of his book "Lightroom 2 :Book for Photographers"

It's a social event that is going to be talking place worldwide with each city having a walk leader to coordinate for the individual cities.

The meet up details are as follows for Singapore :

Date : 23 August 2008, Saturday
Meet Up Time : 1600 hours
Meet Up venue : Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf at China Town Point
Along North bridge road/Chinatown
Nearest MRT station : Chinatown point Station along NE line
Duration : 1600-1800 hours
End Point : Verandah Cafe at Empress Place, opposite Timbre at Arts House.


We'll be caoturing the colourful Chinatown especially to take note that it is celebrating the Hungry Ghost festival during this period. There'll be a lot of local specialities like the open air praying sessions, wayang shows and temples in the viciity that provides good photo opportunities. We'll follow on along the Amoy Street, Far East Square towards the Singapore Ruver area for the Civic centre walk along the River. The walk will end at the Verandah Cafe at Asian Civilisation Museum at Empress Place along the Singapore River.

There is registration needed for this walk. Please sign up at the link:

For those keen, here'll be a Singapore National Day Fireworks Festival which is clearly visble from the cafe. This would be a good opportunity for all who may be interested to stay on for the shoot fo spectacular fireworks display.

You can also the Photo page at the following url:

You can find the FAQ for the walk at:

There is also a photo competition and prizes for the outing which can be found at:

Do click on the video on the photouser page as Scott tells all about the event....

This event requires you to register if you want to attend the event. Do register early if you are keen to attend.

Jeffrey Yap




Just to clarify....Scott Kelby will not be here physically in Singapore for the Photo Walk la......
Frankly, if he do that, I dunno how is he gonna be appearing at the same time in 100+ cities that is running the same event on the same day....haha.

I got quite a fair bit of question whether the man himself is going to be in Singapore.....

Answer is NO...Scott is not gonn be here. But he's gonna be the one to choose the best image submitted from the walk and give rthe winner his copy of the new book he is launching. Also, all images submitted in the flickr group will also qualify to enter into the worldwide photo competition for the best image...and my my...go see the's damn attractive....! Who knows....U may just be lucky.....

To date, I already see news journalists and pro lensmen in the sign up list....To date...26 participants so far....



The registration is closed now. The quota of 50 participants walk has been filled up.
Thanks for the overwhelming response.

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