Scavenger Hunt Contest at 'Day@TheZoo

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Apr 25, 2002
some info as to the mysterious, much anticipated Contest at the 'Day@TheZoo Birthday Celebration for ClubSNAP.

Scavenger Hunt @ The Zoo

Basically it's a Photographic Scavenger Hunt, where participants have to go all over the zoo to hunt down or find photo subjects that will be released just before the contest. The Contest will be conducted in pairs, for safety reasons and also because each pair needs a digital camera to take part.

The Scavenger Hunt will be conducted as follows:-
· There are 10 “photo subjects” in total. Find and take a photograph of each, and return to the Starting Point as quickly as possible to log in your time
· Image quality, size and resolution are irrelevant as long as the judges can readily identify the subject. Viewing will be done on the camera itself or via laptop if necessary. S technically, even PDA or phone cameras are acceptable as long as the judges can make out what's on the screen.
· Pls take only ONE image of each. Don’t take 1000 images and submit. The judges will confiscate the camera (kidding...)
· The first TEN teams to return with all correct answers will win prizes, with the top prize going to the fastest verified team and so on.
· Judges’ decision will be final – meaning, if you don’t win, don’t whine and complain.
· The contest will kick off at 1.30pm and end at 3.30pm sharp. If you did not manage to find all the clues by then, pls return to the Forest Lodge – we are not responsible for people getting lost.
· Once you manage to complete the scavenger hunt, return ASAP to the judges table to get your return time logged and your answered verified.
· Use common sense when looking for the clues – all the answers can be taken with a simple PnS camera and is within the main pathways of the Zoo. And kindly do not disturb the animals or other visitors to the Zoo - CS is not responsible if you get eaten by lions or mauled by Japanese tourists.

In addition, all the teams which return with completed, correct answers will gain an extra ticket/chance in the Grand Lucky Draw, where fabulous prizes awaits!!!

so just a quick reminder - Bring a Digital Camera if you have one. Any one would do, doesn't have to be a DSLR, 5MP or above, etc etc. as long as it takes digital images (at least 20 shots to be safe) and can view somewhere instantly, that's fine. there will be some loan cameras but those are very limited, so pls bring your own if possible.

any questions, feel free to post here for all! :D

Your Friendly Contest Organiser

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