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Sep 27, 2006
Originally published December 29, 2010 One of my favorite magazines, at least from a vintage perspective, is Popular Mechanics. You can find nearly every issue going back to 1905 at Google Books. For many years (back as far as 1908), Popular Mechanics Press, the parent company to the magazine, published a series of special editions in a format they called “Kinks.” There were issues on Press Tool Kinks, Drill Press Kinks, Jig and Fixture Kinks, Screw Machine Kinks, and my favorite, Home Kinks. These special yearly editions followed the basic format of the monthly magazine but put the main emphasis on tips sent in by readers. Click on any image for a larger version. The Home Kinks issues featured today are from 1945, 1948, 1949, and 1950. There are so many good scans that I’m breaking this topic into two parts. This first look is mostly at the kinks themselves. Next week I’ll focus on the illustrations in the kinks issues. In fairness to Popular Mechanics, the term “kinks” didn’t always have the implications it does today. According to Websters, the definition for “kinks” is multi-faceted. A kink can be a short, tight twist or curl caused by a doubling [...]
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