Saving your PC's BIOS


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Feb 24, 2005
If you have the time, do back up your BIOS that is stored in your PC's CMOS.
It is troublesome if your BIOS gets messed up somehow (read that some malware can do that). Or maybe you fiddled with the BIOS and chose the wrong settings. If you have to change an expired motherboard CMOS battery (usually a button battery like CR2032 that has few years of battery life), removing the old battery will also wipe out the BIOS settings and you have to restore them.

Then you can restore the BIOS if you have saved it previously.

For those who know, Windows rescue/restore software probably won't work, as the BIOS stage is just after power on and before the PC loads Windows. The PC may not boot or cannot even find the hard disk.

Another way is to bring your whole PC to your friendly expert where you bought your custom assembled PC and he will set the BIOS right for you again in less than 5 minutes. (which is what I did in one recent case and it was FOC - no charge of course).

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May 30, 2004
Recently I changed the setting in the BIOS. The PC refused to bootup. I was stuck and was about o get a new(good excuse).

Then I decided to reset the system by shorting a jumper(l still have the manual) and the system went to default.

Advice... don't change the setting unless you are very sure what you are doing.

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