Samyang Expert Help required


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Feb 4, 2011
Dear Cser,

I am thinking of getting a Samyang 14mm.. Have make several research.

I am thinking of getting the Nikon version with the EOS adaptor.

The purpose of it as follows:

Able to attach the AF Chip (of coz, i could also do it directly to the canon mount too) but it seems AF Chip to the adaptor is a much easier way out...

My doubts would be as follows.

Any issues with my thoughts
Like Optically difference between both mounts
Some of my research seems to suggest that the above method would render the lens abit loose when mount??

Any thoughts and in sight that I should be looking out for as well??

Any suggestion that my thoughts is correct and I should go ahead??

Or thoughts that I should not buy it in the first

I do know that AF chip for landscape is not necessary, was thinking of close up thus nikon version with eos mount..

Thanks in advance for all the comments.


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Feb 11, 2007
Depending on quality of adapter ( there is no optics involved for EOS - Nikon adapter ),
- you may or may not have a degree of play having fixed an adapter.
- Optics will be the same, and it should focus to infinity.

You are a canon user why not get a Canon mount version ?
The advantage of a Nikon lens with adapter setup means u can also use on Nikon bodies if u r using Canon and Nikon system.
Else u can actually buy a focus confirm chip and glue it onto the mount


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