Samsung Announces Palm OS 5 Smartphone

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Jason Ho

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Jan 17, 2002
From Palminfocenter: Samsung has unveiled the MITs SGH-i500 Smartphone which runs Palm OS 5.2, has a high res screen, SDIO and a integrated CMOS camera. The SGH-i500 is similar to the SPH-i500 already announced, but operates on GSM/GPRS networks instead of CDMA, and packs in a number of feature upgrades.

The device runs PalmOS 5.2 on an 300mhz Intel PXA262 processor, with 32MB ROM / 32MB RAM. Unlike its CDMA cousin, the SGH-i500 lacks a dedicated Grafitti area. Palm OS 5.2 includes the Graffiti 2 input system.

The SGH-i500 has a Tri-band GSM (900/1800/1900) phone radio and uses a GPRS Class 8 (1 Tx, 4 Rx) chip. It comes with a rechargeable (1100mAh) battery which allows for 200 minute of talk time and 100 hours on standby. There will be an optional (1700mAh) extended battery.


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