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May 26, 2003
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This past week was with a friend..looking for a cheap digicam....
all shops I went had all the same type saleman..either rude or overly arrogant..

One guy even told me to show him the money first before he lets me hold the
camera...One told me to me he teach me about cameras.or i see you dont know anything about cameras...others were just rude..mind you this superstores so all SUPER-ARROGANT..already.

I usually buy things at MS or CP,and quite sometime since i lookED at this superstores..

And I tell you all this salesmen are all the bottom of the pit.Maybe all the Chinatown shop
salesman graduated to superstores already..Dont this this shops screen applicants on attitude and pissed off...

I guess you just described the sorry state of the "service" industry in Singapore .... tat's why our Govt is initiating this good service thing.

However, since for the last few months, my experiences have been positive. I bought/enquired from "recommended" shops like MS, CP, TCW, John and I dare say the people are friendly and service is good without any pressure to buy.

Even my latest purchase at Sitex/Harvey Norman ... it was a pleasant surprise to me to experience #1 service and follow up from such a big store. :thumbsup:

I do not have the same expectation though from the camera shops along Orchard Road, SLS, etc. :thumbsd:

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