Sacred Mountains of North Korea


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Mar 11, 2002
DPRK 360 & ClubSnap - 9 Days North Korea Pyongyang, Mt.Paektu, Mt.Chilbo, Nampho

The unique feature of this tour will be a privately chartered plane to access remote regions that would normally take days by bus.

Leading this trip will be noted photographer Aram Pam who was one of the very first few to bring day to day images out of North Korea to the outside world

Tour Fare depend on GROUP SIZE, see below..... the more participants the more affordable it is for everyone MINIMUM group size is 15 pax

WHO this trip is meant/not meant for ( READ CAREFULLY)
- PHOTOGRAPHERS who are members of CLUBSNAP
- You MUST be willing to share your experiences and images at a post-trip slideshow talk and print exhibition
- NO girlfriends, bf's, wives,husbands or other tag-alongs .... they are NOT WELCOME no offence meant, this is a photographers' trip thanks
- You are NOT from the Media or Press on assignment
- You are NOT a religious zealot bent on evangelizing to the unsaved
- You are apolitical and do not care to get into heated discussions over politics
- Having an open curious neutral mind is desired
- ONLY Singapore and Malaysia passport holders need apply

INCLUDES ALL flights (ex-Singapore and chartered internal flights), lodgings and meals (almost all, see below) INCLUDES taxes , gratuities. tips and fees
YOU need only bring your own cash for personal shopping and personal expenses (beer, souvenirs etc etc)

15pax Twin: $4134
15pax Single: $4534

19pax Twin: $3929
19pax Single: $4329

24pax Twin: $3747
24pax Single: $4147

29pax Twin: $3652
29pax Single: $4052

34pax Twin: $3586
34pax Single: $3986

37pax Twin: $3556
37pax Single: $3956

Assemble Date: 11 Sep 2015
Sep 11(Fri): Singapore
Assemble in the evening at Changi International Airport latest by 2200hrs for your flight to Pyongyang via Beijing.
Note: Passengers will depart in the early morning of Day 2.

Sep 12 (Sat): Singapore to Beijing to Pyongyang (D)
SIN/PEK CA970 0015/0610 PEK/FNJ JS152 1305/1605 Transfer flight in Beijing in the early morning.
In the afternoon proceed to the airport for your flight to Pyongyang.
Upon arrival in Pyongyang, check in Hotel.

Sep 13 (Sun): Pyongyang-Nampho (B/L/D)
After breakfast, visit to the Kumsusan Memorial Palace of Sun (Dress code for this visit MUST be formal) which was built in 1976 serving as Kim II Sung's official residence.
Upon his father’s death Kim Jong-II had the gigantic neoclassical building renovated and turned it into a mausoleum in 1994.
After Kim Jong-II's death in December 2011, the palace was closed for renovations and re-opened exactly one year after on 17th December 2012. Hence the names Memorial Palace and Palace of the Sun ; one of Kim II Sung's nicknames was Sun of the Nation.
After which, embark on a city tour of Pyongyang and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Some of the attractions which you will visit include Mansudae Fountain Park, Mansudae Grand Monument which was renovated in 2012 with two bronze statues of their late North Korea leaders Kim II Sung and Kim Jong II.
Proceed to visit Tower of Juche, which was 170m in height and built on the shore of River Taedong.
Visit Monument to the Party Foundation, a relatively new monument and was constructed to mark the 50th Anniversary of the founding of the ruling Workers Party of Korea.
Drive to Nampho City, dinner and overnight at Ryonggang Hot Spring House

Sep 14 (Mon): Nampho-Pyongyang (B/L/D)
Nampo, it is a cultural and trade port city at the estuary of the River Taedong.
Of special interest is the West Sea Barrage. Visit West Sea Barrage, it is a world famous barrage built across the 8-km section of the rough West Sea of Korea. Completed in June 75 (1986).
A motorway, sidewalks and railways stretch over the dam. Cargo vessels up to 50,000 ton can pass the lock gate. After which, visit the Kangso Mineral Water Factory, Chongsan Cooperative Farm.
After lunch visit the Victorious Fatherland Liberation War, Monument and USS Pueblo and proceed to the Cemetery for Heroes of Korean War.

Sep 15 (Tue): Pyongyang Special Day (B/D)
After Breakfast, visit the Kim Il-Sung University and observe a class in session.
Eat at the Pizza Restaurant for lunch (pay for what you order). After a lunch, visit the May Day Stadium for a tour and visit the football school that trains youths to be future soccer champions.
Beware… these well trained children might challenge you to a game of soccer.
After that, proceed to the Pyongyang School Children's Palace to photograph their performance.
Proceed to visit the Taedonggang Beer Factory and stop by the nearby Bar for a thirst quenching beer from the tap. Proceed to the River for a cruise and dinner on the boat restaurant.
After dinner, visit the Local Amusement Park. .

Sep 16 (Wed) Pyongyang – Mt Paektu (B/L/D)
After breakfast, onboard the Clubsnap privately chartered flight to Mt Paektu, the highest mountain in Korea Peninsula 2750m high.
Arrive at the city situated at the foot of Mt Paektu & Lake Samji.
Lake Samji is the only lake in Korea that a river turned into a lake as a result of the volcanic eruption of Mt Paektu. Visit Grand Monument on Lake Samji.
It stands on the shore with the mountain as a background blending with surroundings and lodgings in unique style. Proceed to Paektu Hall which not only functions as a general relief map of revolutionary site and battles sites of Mt. Paektu but also depicts the shape of the magnificent of Mt Paektu. Then, visit Mt Paektu and Chon Lake which is one of the highest crater lakes in the world.
After lunch, visit Paektu Secret Camp where Kim Jong II was born on 16 Feb 1942.

Sep 17 (Thu): Mt Peaktu – Mt Chilbo (B/L/D)
After breakfast, Chongbong Bivouac and Rimyongsu waterfall. Rimyongsu waterfall is unique falls as underground water gushes out from crevices in the base salt rock, forming a waterfall.
After lunch depart Mt Paektu and take the chartered flight to Mt Chilbo.
Upon arrival at Orang, continue on a 4-hour drive along the beach and forest to Mt Chilbo. Mt Chilbo derived its name from the meaning that seven treasures were buried in the mountain. It offers unique beauties of peaks, valleys and sea at one sight that is impossible in other famous mountains proceed to Sea Chilbo.
In the evening, return to hotel for dinner.

Sep 18 (Fri): Mt Chilbo– Pyongyang (B/L/D)
This morning, visit Inner Chilbo. First, visit Kaesim Buddhist Temple which was built in 826, rebuilt in 1377 in Koryo dynasty and repaired several times in Ri dynasty.
Then, proceed to the Sungson Pavilion for the picturesque view of the mountain.
After lunch, transfer to airport for chartered flight return to Pyongyang.

Sep19 (Sat): Pyongyang – Beijing - Singapore (B)
FNJ/PEK JS151 0850/0950 PEK/SIN CA969 1535/2140
After breakfast, transfer to the airport for your return flight to Singapore via Beijing.
Arrive Singapore with fond memories of wonderful tour to North Korea. [

B]Note: Lenses up to 400mm will be allowed.[/B]

Itinerary & order of sightseeing tours are subject to change

For those who are interested in Signing up for this trip of a lifetime send a Private Message to me with the following information
- your FULL name as inside your passport
- your passport number AND EXPIRY DATE
- mobile phone number
- email address

APPLICATIONS CLOSE SUNDAY JULY 5 IN A COUPLE OF WEEKS TIME once final numbers are firm we see which price category we are in and everyone pays up in full and start applying for a North Korean visa

Hope for a huge group to bring the cost down BUT be prepared for the highest price bracket stated above if 15+ sign up for this trip

IF you are 50-50 or not sure of participating, DO NOT put your name down

Thank you all !!

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Mar 11, 2002
ha ha thanks for pointing that out..... thats the problem when trying to edit through a smartphone

When you ask about safety, yes as safe as any trip you might make to another country provided God is merciful and no naturaal disasters or accidents happen

..... and as long as you abide and respect their requests (which all participants will be briefed on before the trip)

..... act and behave silly..... silly things will happen to you..... as in ANY country you visit


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Jan 21, 2010
>>>> - You are NOT a religious zealot bent on evangelizing to the unsaved

Wish I could filter out people like this out of my life.

Only SG and MY passport holders? No other ASEAN nation? :(

One of the places I would want to visit because it is so isolated. :)


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Oct 25, 2005
lil red dot
Only SG and MY passport holders? No other ASEAN nation? :(

One of the places I would want to visit because it is so isolated. :)
Thanks Dolina for your interest. The reason why only SG and MY passport holders are allowed, is because SG passport holders will have to do their visa through the DPRK embassy here in SG in one batch. For MY passport holders, they do not require a visa to travel to DPRK.


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Jan 21, 2010
I reread the DPRK requirement and I'll end up applying for a China visa as well. >_< Thanks for the reply. I hope you all have a safe and pleasant trip.


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Mar 16, 2015
I cannot make it to this trip. May i know when will be the next one?

Hoang Long

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Oct 21, 2015
I cannot make it to this trip. May i know when will be the next one?
I love the idea of joining in one of these trips as well. It reads tempting.