Sabah, Boeneo 27th Apr - 1st May

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Hi everyone!

me and my friend are planning to go to Sabah, Borneo this coming month to make use of the 1st May holiday.

the dates will most probably be 27th (Thurs) - 1st May ( Mon ) = 5 days, u only need to take 2 days of leave. :p

we can always discuss the itinerary but most probably we would be focusing on the Kinabatangan River

u can see more photos of the wildlifes there

and the NPSS recently went to the river too... u can view their posts here

this is one of the two places in the world where you can find 10 species of primates!!!!

Budget would be ard 500-600SGD including air fare, accom, food and transport.

those who are interested, pls reply asap

Thank you!!!!

no one interested in this Nature's paradise?
Not only the primates, there are lots of birds too! esp fishing birds as well as most of Malaysia's eleven hornbill species can be seen along the Kinabatangan River.

i've just came back from Sarawak, Borneo and i can't get enough of it. So decided to go back again, but this time to a different part... Sabah.

Hope to find some great travel photographers with me to the trip!


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May 19, 2003
so, we have to fly to Sandakan to join this Uncle Tan tour..?

how much is Uncle Tan 3D2N tour..?

Since flying all the way to Sandakan, do we also go around Sandakan area to look see look see..? or we just simply for the wildlife tour ?

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