S602Z noisy?

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Jan 23, 2003
North-East Singapore
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Without changing the sensitivity, that is. My S602Z gives a really loud sound when the shutter is pressed to take a picture, is that normal? I really don't quite remember that it's so loud during the first few weeks when I bought the camera.

I just don't know how to explain the sound but it does sounds like the camera is working when the shutter is depressed, but at that volume, I'm sure blind people nearby would know that I'm taking photos with that sound.

Any of you S602Z users having the same problem? It should be silent right?

I remembered reading about the lubricants inside the camera being vapourised when the humidity is too low, it's for about a day or so that the R.H. went to 40% and below (I seriously doubt that it's more than 30 hours) now then could that be the cause? But then, should it happen then my guess is that the lens wouldn't be extending out at all.

Any ideas?

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