S3Xposed: Top 15 SG wanted Guys with Cameras


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Apr 12, 2010
was looking through HWZ and chanced upon this:

SExposed Top 15 SG Wanted Guys with Cameras - Page 5 - www.hardwarezone.com.sg

Enjoy! :bsmilie:

SExposed Top 15 SG Wanted Guys with Cameras

1) Stefan Quek Keng Swan

Famous in SBF for posting nude pictures and sharing his collections, looking for chances to bed models during his shoots and share his victory stories in forum for guys to envy him. Nude and lingerie pictures often get "leaked" somehow but most likely is because he trades them with others.

His latest method to get more girls to shoot nude shoots is by threatening existing models to find him new targets or else he may happen to have accidents of their pictures being leaked online ... He did all these stuff secretly behind his wife.

Has great records of going police stations to make statements, always manage to escape the law by making lame excuses that his pictures are stolen.

SBF nick: koebshaq0_0
iStudio.com - Stefan - Photographer - Singapore / iStudio.com - Stefan - Photographer - Singapore
ModelMayhem.com - kobeshaq0_0 - Photographer - Singapore, Singapore, Singapore / ModelMayhem.com - kobeshaq0_0 - Photographer - Singapore, Singapore, Singapore
Freelance model attacked during "Photoshoot" | The Real Singapore
Email: kobeshaq0_0@hotmail.com

2) Alvin Zeng Weili

Best famous for getting a woman to prostitute herself and living off her earnings.
Also famous for pestering them for lingerie/bikini/nude shoots.
The indecent stuff he did with different models is more than enough to fill up pages

3) Matthew Wally

Famous for carrying a book to jot down every pretty model's number and call them to pester them for bikini and lingerie shoots.
Always ready to find chances to touch models when preparing sun block lotion or pretending to adjust poses

4) Best Hero

Famous for asking models to wear revealing nurse wear and lingerie, showing butt crack and labia majora

5) Joe Chan Guo Qiang

Famous for asking expression shoots in his Liu She Ying page, provides massaging and fingering and condom ready to bed models in his tiny house.
Even 15 year old girl, he will suggest masturbation to the high feel expression
He chooses his bedding targets very carefully, those famous models he will be very friendly and do extra efforts to edit their pictures. For those not famous ones,
he will test water by asking models questions to see their reactions.
After his sex scandal got reported on newspaper, he made an effort to clean off all the bad records, so that he can continue to "shoot"

Stir Ah Stir..Local Photographer Scandal With 15Yr Old Model - www.hardwarezone.com.sg
Smithankyou: Local Photographer had sex with 15 y.o girl?

6) Devine Vaughn

Famous for taking professional lingerie pictures for models and give his famous top 10 challenge tasks for models to do such as crawling under his legs or allowing him to take bj pics. You can imagine how much damage he could cause once all his pictures get leaked as there are lots of models who did lingerie shoots with him.

7) Rowan Aslan

Famous for using multiple identities at different times and claiming other photographers' works as his to lure models to come out for his nude shoots. Likes to pretend to help them adjust legs and lick their privates suddenly til the model high and have sex.

8) Edwin Lim

Famous old man wearing cap that asks models to come for his casting for him to shoot for free and earn money by asking models to wear sexy costumes in the sleazy photoshoots he organized.
Always appear in those events that have lots of models involved such as FHM Models
Fort Canning is his favorite place to "train" his new found models for casting shoots.

9) Nathan Neah

Famous for scamming lots of nude pictures from models and SBF brothers.
His famous trick was asking models on Facebook to scam them to do nude shoots for him and send him through Dropbox while he transferred money.
Other tricks were asking people to trade with him via Skype then block them.
SBF nick: prodigalphotog
Singapore-Asian Commercial Sex Discussions
Email: prodigal_photographer@hotmail.com

10) Tan Ping Yan Sky

Famous for asking models to do slutty themes by offering high amount of money as much as $1500 but just scamming them only.
Like to pretend to open online shops selling g-strings.

11) Soh Jurong

Appear decent with stable girlfriend. He often ask models for TFCD shoots in pages and groups. However, models who have chatted with him will know how sicko and pestering he is by asking for TFCD bikini and lingerie shoots when there is a chance. Will pester non stop for such shoots by praising the models' figure and telling them how it can be a win win situation for both.

12) Helixshots aka Alex Cowan
35 years old Malay guy who is behind all the juicy leak of nude pictures and sex videos of Bikini Queen and Miss World Singapore. He made excuse that his Dropbox is hacked, but based on the conversations he sent privately to SBF members, he did confidential trade with some collectors.
SBF nick: helixcowan
Email: alexcowan@hotmail.com
iStudio.com - Helixshots - Photographer - Singapore
ModelMayhem.com - Helixs - Photographer - Singapore, Singapore, Singapore

13) Derrick Poh aka Dpgrapher

The great man whose trademark appear in most of the solid high quality leaked nude photos of models such as Jamie Ang. Kudos for his great contribution for making the SBF forum alive. Without him, all of us will not get to see all the widespread juicy pictures of some models in Singapore in our lives. How much efforts he spent and how much money he paid to all these models to make them do all these marvellous poses, we might not know, but one thing for sure, he is changing his trademark now since he has stopped doing lingerie shoots (enough fun already?).

ModelMayhem.com - DPgrapher - Photographer - Singapore, Singapore, Singapore / ModelMayhem.com - DPgrapher - Photographer - Singapore, Singapore, Singapore

14) Wonder Ming aka Lim Kah Ming

Supposed to be taught by Joe Chan Guo Qiang for photography but went into bad blood after spreading rumour that his "teacher" got spy cam installed in his home studio during the peak period of Liu She Ying.

Got himself in trouble as well after exposed by a guy called Sasuke Erochi in Facebook from Modxnet for molesting a young model called Luna as well as beaten up incident in pub. Juicy conversation is posted in Sasuke Erochi's own Facebook group. Ironic part is Sasuke is the one organizing all the sleazy photoshoots. So we can say that it is indeed the pot calling the kettle black. Little information is known about Sasuke Erochi but one thing for sure, he is able to make models do daring exposing poses.

https://www.facebook.com/groups/188295091219410/ (Sg Eventz Club)
Wonder Ming - www.hardwarezone.com.sg

15) Mike S aka Candieghost aka Tan Choon How

Mr Roy Chuang's "best friend"
Got famous when nude pictures of model Eileen Yap taken on St John's Island appeared as well as shaving incident for model.

Mike S Photography
Flickr: mike s photography's Photostream
[GPGT]New Saga? Come in SSRR - www.hardwarezone.com.sg
I never forced models to pose nude


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Nov 28, 2005
ooooh.... Some familiar names there...


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Jan 3, 2008
Pasir Ris
Don't say Singapore has no talents :bsmilie:

ooooh.... Some familiar names there...
I'm disappointed that I'm not good enough to make it into Singapore Top 15 Photographers.

Photos always come out not sharp. Must apply to be apprenticed to one of the 15 Singapore Top Masters. :bsmilie:

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Apr 16, 2010
I'm disappointed that I'm not good enough to make it into Singapore Top 15 Photographers.

Photos always come out not sharp. Must apply to be apprenticed to one of the 15 Singapore Top Masters. :bsmilie:
No one mind you taking aunties pictures :bsmilie:


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Dec 28, 2010
The Universe
Got Singapore Top 15 Aunties Shooters Award or not? :bsmilie:

Maybe got chance to win a small prize to hang on the wall.
Aunties are seasoned at handling cheeky men young and old alike.

They are not delicate flowers that need to be protected and mollycoddled. XMMs on the other hand need a lot of love and care, be it from hamsup photographers or their would-be defenders. :bsmilie: Until they blossom into aunties anyways.


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Jun 26, 2009
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So many of us shot exposed pussy day in day out, how come never made it into the list?


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Nov 20, 2008
Singapore lah....
But on a serious note.... should these photographers be BANNED from a forum like Club Snap ???

Guess thats hard to do though.... but perhaps from shoots and the like.

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