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Apr 3, 2006

Hi everybody!

Have you ever wondered how these kind of images above are shot? With a strong backlight (background usually is the sky), and having the subject(Model) perfectly lit? Or having difficulty balancing the ambient light with the model's exposure? What about freezing the moment! And how to create shallow depth of field even when using flash? Look no further, this workshop will help you understand how its done! In this workshop, u will be taught the setups of strobes suitable for outdoor use, what settings to the camera, lenses suitable for what effect or feel, and modifiers available for outdoor lighting.

And in this workshop, the model featured will be 1.71m tall, top level professional model, Dane from Brazil. Limited slots are available, so do register with MODELinn now if dun want to miss it!



SUN (26May) 4.00pm - 7.00pm (Outdoor Instructional for Swimwear setups)
$173 for repeat members and early birds (payment before Thu 23rd May noon) , $190 thereafter.

Number of Setups


Set Up

Strobe lighting adjustment arranged by organiser with years of experience,
beneficial for beginners;

Who should attend

Newbies who have no idea how fashion/portraiture shoot is done nor having any knowledge of how to use strobe lights, aspiring photographers looking to expand portfolio, photographers who like to learn and mingle, and perhaps anyone who loves Models :p


To be released to confirmed participants only

Number of participants

6 max

Email to MODELinn@gmail.com to book your place now!

For those who wants to be in the mailing list, do email to MODELinn@gmail.com as well!

For those who are new to Clubsnap, you may refer to this previous poll for reference!

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