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May 22, 2005
Yew Tee

When I got my Kingston RSMMC ard for my N3230, some time back this year, I put a password on it. After some time, I forgot the password. Until yesterday, I cannot remember the password.

Yesterday, I went to NSC and updated my firmware/software. I was aware that all data will be erased. After it was all done, I popped in my RSMMC card and found it to be locked. Now all my data is inside, and I still cannot remember what is the password.

There is a way before I upgraded the fimware. A file exist in the C drive of the phone where it keeps the password of the RSMMC card. But since everything is gone, or rather the C drive[should be] in the locked RSMMC, there is no way in knowing the password. I didnt know this until today, when I was googling for ways to recover the data. There are software which can help recover the password. Then again, the software looks for the same file in the C drive.

My phone is virtually empty, no contacts, nothing. I have created a backup but its in the locked RSMMC card. The data inside has alot of information that means alot to me.

I could try to format the card and then recover everything using PC Inspector. The problem is, I think I dont see Nokia's back up file as one of the few files supported

I could also try to go back to Convergent try ask them to recover all the data inside, or ask them to help me remove the password(if can.)

This morning I tried to copy the data over into a compact drive. The CD was accessing it for more than 30 minutes and still nothing, I gave up using the CD.

If anyone has any other solution, or any idea to get my data back, please please help me. The data inside are meant to be forever, so please, help me. :)


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