Rob Galbraith: Review: Vagabond Mini Lithium portable power pack

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Sep 27, 2006
Not that many years ago, portable power options for studio flash were exclusively heavy, expensive or both. While battery + pure sine wave inverter systems have gotten less expensive as well as more powerful over time, commercially-available options have remained bulky and fairly hefty.The Vagabond Mini Lithium changes that in a big way. Make that a small way: as by far the most compact product of its type, the Vagabond Mini Lithium has the potential to significantly alter how photographers work on location. But only if this new portable power source lives up to the promise of full-size performance in a pint-size package. We review the Vagabond Mini Lithium, comparing its recycle and runtime capabilities with several larger portable power packs from Godox, Innovatronix, Profoto and others.


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