Rob Galbraith: Revamped MacBook Pro line delivers top-notch display quality

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Sep 27, 2006
What a difference six months makes. Back in January, we wrote about the suitability of the screens in several notebooks for editing photos in the field. At that time, Apple's MacBook Pro 15 inch was pegged as being acceptable for this purpose, but barely: hue accuracy trailed the other portables we looked at, while the display's glass front meant it was a battle to keep reflections at bay. Fast forward to today and the overall MacBook Pro story is quite different: not only does the recently-revamped MacBook Pro 15 inch now ship with a superb colour-accurate display, but the new MacBook Pro 13 inch does too. Plus, the third member of Apple's MacBook Pro trio - the 17 inch - has both a great laptop display and the option of ordering it in a much-needed antiglare version. Taken together, the current MacBook Pro lineup offers the best displays for photographers we've ever seen from Apple, with a potential solution for the remaining bugaboo - display glossiness - coming a bit later this year.


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