Rob Galbraith: A first look at ShutterSnitch 2.0

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Sep 27, 2006
A new version of ShutterSnitch, our favourite app for receiving and displaying pictures wirelessly on an Apple iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, has been submitted to the App Store, meaning if quickly approved it could come available before the end of the month. ShutterSnitch 2.0 is a significant rework that adds a long list of new features and, more importantly, seriously improves its stability when juggling both large photos and largish collections. This new release of ShutterSnitch, which we've been using in beta form for some time, takes what was already a really useful workflow tool and moves it several steps closer to being a true killer app for photographers who need to send pictures from one or more wireless-capable digital cameras, or even those who simply need a better slideshow function than what's offered in Apple's own Photos app. Here's a first look at what's coming soon in ShutterSnitch 2.0.


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