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Ricoh Theta VR/360 Timelapes & Video Workshop

Ricoh Theta VR/360 Timelapes & Video Workshop - Sponsored by APD

Learn secrets to creating awesome 360 Timelapes & Videos from Aram Pan (Plus 720 ), one of the most popular and recognized Photographer & Videographers in the Singapore 360 industry.

Aram is going to present a half-day workshop in Funan Showsuite on 25th November 2017. The goal of the workshops is to teach techniques in using 360-degree video cameras, and then attendees will create a 360-degree video in groups that is ready to post on Facebook and YouTube. Attendees will be able to use Ricoh Theta SC & V etc.

Aram Pan - www.plus720.com
Aram Pan is a Singapore based virtual tour photographer since 2003. He went into full time commercial panorama production in 2007 and has produced over 3000 panoramas for real estates, hospitals, tourism, industrial, aerospace and many other industries.

Aram Pan was the first photographer ever to be given official permission by North Korea to capture 360 degree images and video around the country.


Some of the topics will include:

  • VR Cameras and available Rigs
  • Introduction to Ricoh Theta and peripheral equipment
  • VR Storytelling and Application
  • Ricoh Theta processes from setup to capture
  • Timelapes
  • VR demo shoot
  • Footage acquisition and stitching
  • Headset viewing
  • Q&A

Date: Saturday 25th November 2017
Time: 1:00pm to 4:00pm
Location: Funan Showsuite
Limited to 50 pax ONLY !!!

Registration Charges: FREE!!!
Free admission. Due to limited space, registration is required.

*Your place is secured when the confirmed registration list is announced on/before Wednesday 12th July 2017 evening by ClubSNAP.

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Sorry i got an emergency and have to give up my seat.
Kindly give it to the next person.

i sent an email earlier but not sure if you
receive it.

Registration is Open:
Last Few Seats!!!

Please click and Register at the below link.

  1. tcwdoggy
  2. Bishop
  3. endocrine
  4. SQBug
  5. alan1tkh
  6. tita123
  7. valour
  8. LCT
  9. Anson
  10. long
  11. photoL
  12. jenfaith
  13. Maestrokk
  14. Spink123
  15. fly2648
  16. gorabel
  17. Davy
  18. sonychua
  19. Bill Ang
  20. cosmo
  21. Lem Cheng Hai
  22. Limchuang88
  23. t16
  24. feimao07
  25. vonvonz
  26. Blacken
  27. Flypixar
  28. topshot
  29. vivald1
  30. de_ep
  31. Lydialee
  32. Karthi
  33. barbilla
  34. DC
  35. Subeeri
  36. MatthewY
  37. Parfum
  38. Pencon
  39. Jerry
  40. Emdy
  41. Lord Lynnaeus
  42. Simon ng
  43. krw83
  44. ycf777
  45. Firerawkz
  46. nick
  47. paulng
  48. CamInit
  49. KHC
  50. Drawde
  51. beautifulsunset
  52. Wilonexin
  53. leonlim
  54. andromedeus
  55. ccc_1985
  56. andromedeus
  57. Shutterz
  58. chh021
  59. CliffWee
  60. James Wong WP
  61. Photogenie
  62. Callyn
  63. Lionelwijeweera

* Disclaimer: ClubSNAP reserve the rights to select from the registered list who will be coming for the The Digital Print Workflow.


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